How to start a successful giga-scale green hydrogen project - All you need to know!

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How to start a successful giga-scale green hydrogen project - All you need to know!

This is a terrific short article on what key elements are needed to pull together a green hydrogen project.

A lot of the components should be familiar to project finance professionals as they are common to many large scale projects. However, this item adds that special hydrogen flavour to what is needed.


Financing secured for 286-MWp solar project in Poland

It always surprises us how renewables projects seem to get bigger and bigger. This article highlights Poland's most recent and largest solar park capable of supplying around 153,000 households with clean power.

The construction of the facility began in early 2021 and the first phase is now entering completion.


Plastic Conversion Network For Controlled Production of Eco-Friendly Fuels, Energy and Hydrogen

We know that plastics are a serious pollutant to our environment, particularly when so much ends up in the sea.

This project aims to rid the global community of discarded plastic products and to produce in their place eco-friendly fuels and energy. This article talks about the engagement of BCI to help Clean Vision deliver on this mission.


Offshore Wind Champion appointed as £160m floating offshore wind fund opens for expressions of interest

The appointment of Tim Pick as the first UK Offshore Wind Champion was recently confirmed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Business and Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng.

The Floating Offshore Wind Manufacturing Investment Scheme (FLOWMIS) will provide £160 million in government funding to boost floating offshore wind capability around the UK at sites in Scotland, Wales and elsewhere by supporting manufacturers and giving private investors the confidence to back this emerging sector which is expected to rapidly expand in the years ahead.


Electric ships appear on the horizon

I remember undertaking a school project where I made a little boat out of balsa wood, propeller, small battery and a Scalextric car motor! Now, 30 years later, Battery-powered ships may be on the high seas within a decade under plans being developed by the firm behind Britain’s first giga-factory!

The idea is for wind turbines to be installed on ships to generate energy that is stored in batteries and used by the vessels for the last miles of their journeys.








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