• Certificate in Project Finance Modelling.

    Everybody learns at a different pace.

    So the CPFM programme is now available as a simple monthly subscription.

    With no minimum tie-in.

    Blast through it all quickly.

    Or take your time and practice. It's up to you.

  • The most comprehensive Project Finance Modelling Training.

    Available on your terms.

    Subscribe for US$99 per month. For just as long as you need.

    Your subscription includes:

    ✓  Complete training in all aspects of Project Finance Modelling.

     ✓  Downloadable models and worked example files.

    ✓  Access to all course updates for as long as you remain a member.

    ✓  Regular live Q&A classes and masterclasses.

    ✓  10% off any other PFI training (After 3 months of membership).

    ✓  10% of the final CPFM Professional Skills Assessment.

  • Be recognised for your skills.

    Take the Certificate In Project Finance Modelling Professional Skills Assessment

    The training you receive as part of your subscription will prepare you for taking the 

    CPFM Professional Modelling Skills Assessment.

    The assessment costs US$650. 


    When you sign up for the skills assessment you'll get access to test preparation classes, practice case studies, the exam itself, the audit of your model, and the preparation of your final feedback report. 


    You'll receive more information about the CPFM skills assessment when you join the course. 


    Download the course brochure

    "The way this course is designed is really ambitious—but it’s so valuable. Having access to so many different experts—all of whom are active in real projects is a great way to learn. And a lot of that is in the little things that come up when you get the chance to really discuss topics in depth."


    - Jon Forssell. Partner, CAPEX Advisors, Finland.

  • About the CPFM programme

    In order to help you master the skills of Project Finance Modelling you’ll receive: 


    ▪ Detailed expert tuition and example models. 

    ▪ Regular live Q&A sessions with instructors. 

    ▪ Modelling assignments throughout the course to test progress. 


    Project Finance modelling is not just about model build skills. You also need a well-developed analytical mindset.


    In addition to practising your model build skills, you will be given regular analytical assignments. These ensure that you can use your model to answer critical commercial questions about projects. Successful completion of the analytical assignments is a prerequisite to passing the course.


    "The course was an exciting experience. I had the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and experts. I had the chance to learn the different key elements of financial, legal, contractual, and technical aspects of projects."


    -Maryam Al Mazrouei. Senior Analyst, Masdar, UAE.




    This is the complete course in advanced Project Finance Modelling.

  • Join a Live CPFM Q&A webinar

    Meet with workshop leader Kenny Whitelaw-Jones. We will go through how our course works, the topics that will be covered, the skills that you will gain, and how the application process works.


    Keep your eyes peeled for new events.