• Become a World-Class Project Finance Analyst

    The Certified Project Finance Analyst Programme will give you the practical skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to advance your project finance career and stand out from the competition.

  • Introduction to the Course

    Kenny Whitelaw-Jones, Workshop Leader, describes why this course matters.

  • Advance Your Project Finance Career

    Learn alongside international industry peers in a challenging, fast-faced environment. In 8 intensive weeks, you'll learn all the skills you need to succeed in Project and Infrastructure Finance


    Online learning

    Join a global classroom

    Our Certified Project Finance Analyst course is an intensive programme delivered by distance learning.

    Leading instructors

    Decades of project finance experience

    You'll learn from lawyers, accountants, project finance bankers, project developers and modellers. You'll get the full project finance picture.

    Global Alumni community

    Be part of the leading network of project finance professionals

    Throughout the workshop you'll work intensively with Project Finance professionals from around the world.

    Get in-depth insight across sectors

    Understanding the differences and similarities across sectors

    Get insight into power and renewables, water, wastewater, transport, accommodation.

    In-depth modelling with commercial insight

    You'll learn advanced modelling alongside commercial analysis

    This is the combination that truly sets the project finance analyst apart.

    THE Global Project Finance certification

    A demanding certification programme that sets you apart from the competition

    Completion by final examination. Your CPFA certificate will be with you within 48 hours of completion

  • Get started

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  • Those who really can, do and teach.


    On the Certified Project Finance Analyst programme, you'll learn from active Project Finance advisors, bankers, lawyers and engineers.


    We have set a very high bar for becoming a Project Institute Faculty member.


    All members must be at the top of their game, known internationally and active on current PF mandates.

  • It is demanding and competitive.

    You have to turn up. You have to commit.

    You'll be working under pressure on a simulated deal.

    Your team will be relying on you.

    Just like real Project Finance deals.

    This programme is not for everyone.