Green finance: a new trend here to stay?

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Green finance: a new trend here to stay?

Clyde & Co are a well know global law firm and in this interesting blog post they consider the renewed focus, following COP26, on the funding of the planned net-zero sustainable global economy.

They discuss how the increased commitments from world governments and global financial institutions arising from the summit will see the international development and maturation of “green” finance, and alongside this a tremendous growth in Project Finance transactions.


Propelling the energy transition: clean energy finance

We are probably all aware that the global push to tackle climate change has kickstarted the ‘energy transition’, and this has led to exponential growth in the share of power coming from clean energy.

In recent months, there has been significant press and policy direction in relation to clean energy and decarbonisation. This article discusses recent trends relating to clean energy, decarbonisation, and some of the finance structures deployed in those contexts.

Quinbrook hires Amazon renewables chief to lead data centre strategy – exclusive

In this article, the fund manager Quinbrook explains the reasons why it hired seasoned veteran John Lucas (who headed Amazon's renewable procurement) to oversee the firms specialisation towards solutions for net-zero data centers. We know that the world has an ever-increasing appetite for data and its storage impacts all of our lives.

With high energy consumption and a large amount of heat output from the servers, making these carbon-free presents a real challenge, as well as a real opportunity. We see this market potentially exploding from a project finance perspective.


Carbon offsets as a potential source of revenue

We keep seeing more and more articles about carbon offsetting and this interesting article identifies that renewable energy developers are showing more interest in the voluntary carbon offset market as a potential source of additional revenue for their projects.


Greek project finance on the mend

This interesting article explores Greece's financial meltdown, and how project finance lending in Greece has slowly made a comeback in tandem with DFI support for a growing renewable energy and PPP project pipeline.

Local banks have provided the vast majority of commercial debt and international lender participation is still very limited – but will that lending landscape change as more projects come to market?


And finally....Infrastructure Investor Awards 2021: Meet the winners!

 Want to know who has been making a splash during 2021 on the project finance front, then look no further than this link! From the personality of the year to the deal of the year, this provides a list of those key organisations who are leading the way on project finance investment and we think are worth getting to know a little better.



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